Strategic Planning

Is your organization headed in the right direction? 

Well versed in leading the strategic planning process, we produce and follow a roadmap to move an organization forward and developing executable and measurable business plans, based on sound reasonable analytics. 

Custom Analytics

Are you experiencing changes in your market or your customers’ behavior that you’d like to understand better? 

We offer custom analytical reporting to help you improve business performance focusing on areas such as profitability modeling, EBITDA improvement and competitive encroachment defense, just to name a few.

Data Assessment

Is your organization interpreting the data to maximize profits?

All properties with player tracking have the ability to produce the same customer data.  We believe the critical factor that separates database marketing success from failure is the interpretation of the customer data.  We offer technological and analytical aptitude developed from many years of experience.

Loyalty Club Development

Does your loyalty club model support your business goals?

We'll help you determine if your loyalty club model is strategically aligned with your with to your database make-up and assess if it is positioned strongly against competitive clubs.

CRM Program Development

Are you effectively communicating with your customers?

The landscape of gaming markets is constantly changing giving customers more choices. We'll help you develop a CRM strategy that ensures that you are contacting the right customers, at the right time, with the right message via the right medium.

Information Technology Managment

Are you optimizing your database information across all information channels?

We'll help you development integrated marketing programs across all customer touch points, including traditional direct marketing, social marketing, digital and mobile applications.